Lamborghini Veneno: the World’s Most Expensive Production Car

Back in March Lamborghini debuted some renderings of their Veneno supercar. Now just after a few months they have officially unveiled the top tier Veneno. With an incredible price tag of $4.7 million, this car is easily the world’s most expensive production car (and by “production” we mean a grand total of four Venenos ever to be produced).

The Veneno is constructed from carbon fiber throughout, making it extremely light weight. Thus the two-seater weighs only 3,190 pounds. The car carries super aggressive looks with aerodynamic body therefore giving it a fantastic combination of speed and design. Under the hood there is a naturally aspirated 6.5 liter V12 engine that powers the Veneno with an impressive 750 horsepower. The vehicle is able to achieve 0-60 in fractions of 2.8 seconds.

Unfortunately, even if you had the millions in hand to purchase one of the three production vehicles, you are too late. Lamborghini pre-sold all of its Venenos