See how this school bus was transformed into a luxury camper

This school bus was just an ordinary vehicle until it was redesigned by an architecture student Hank Butitta. Hank was tired of designing buildings for unreal clients during his academic time, so he started working on his own project; it gave him the opportunity of exploring details on a full scale.

Hank bought a bus and transformed it into a portable living unit. The school bus was purchased on Craigslist for $3000 and it required $6000 in improvements, the outcome is a comfy living space. It took him nearly 14 weeks converting the rickety old bus into a modular living setting containing a kitchen, bathroom, beds, and storage with wooden flooring. One of the main aims was to design a living space in only 225 square ft. as open as possible. Hank made that possible by eliminating any furniture or structure above the bottom edge of the window. A great design solution as it offers clear vistas from one end to another. The windows add ample amount of light to the space along with incredible views. There are two skylights installed, further adding to the spatial quality. Here are few pictures of his master work, take a look at them.