You are not hallucinating – this car runs upside down

Yeah that’s right. A car that runs upside down, or technically you may say “the car which is designed to run upside down.” The man behind this crazy idea is Jeff Bloch, a.k.a Speedycop who is a race car enthusiast and loves to create all sort of crazy contraptions.

Oh and did we mention this car is also a genuine speedracer.

To create this car Jeff actually transplanted a 1990 Ford Festiva in the body of 1999 Chevy Camaro.  This cross-specie vehicle has a four cylinder, 1.3 liter engine and an extra set of wheels thus making car a bit heavier. Although the car wasn’t purposely built to win races it is getting a great deal of attention of viewers. Well, obviously.

This is not the first time Jeff has created a motorized Frankenstein either. A few months ago he made headlines with a Cessna airplane converted into a race car.  Lets see what he comes up with next!





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