The grotesque human-puppet world of Marie-Lou Desmeules

Look closely at these pics and you’ll start to see the human body turning into sculpted semi-humanoid form. Marie-Lou Desmeules’ jaw dropping artistic efforts, which she titles ‘Painting Surgeries’, transform some of our most iconic modern figures into intentionally grotesque sculptures. She does this by turning her own body┬áthe bodies of her models into the sculpting material – using only paints and plastics. Before long, the artwork and the living human inside Desmeules begin to blend, merging into each other.

With her unique sculpture style she riffs on famous stars like Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Karl Lagerfeld and Barbie. Not content with merely replicating these figures by transposing them onto her own self, Desmeules’ intentionally contorts and disfigures them (a reverse plastic surgery of sorts), resulting in unnerving experience for the viewer and an invitation to rethink the role of visuality in today’s image obsessed society.







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