Curvy $15,000 OLED will blow you away

OLED screens are old news right? Not these 55 inch curved OLEDs. They are next milestones for two Korean giants, Samsung and LG as they hope to revive and shake up the television market.

OLED TVs have the advantage of providing better viewing angles, and a gently curved OLED screen mimics the natural way we see with our peripheral vision. By slightly wrapping the display inward the viewers will enjoy a more natural match to their peripheral angle of view. 

Sadly, OLED TVs don’t output in 4K resolution, which is definitely a big letdown considering 4KTVs are expected to become the norm over the next few years. Nevertheless, the curved displays definitely have a “pull” factor to them. The screen seems very persuasive and stunning with its curved elegance which therefore attracted a lot attention at CES when it was displaying 1080p 3D.

Both manufacturers are much likely to launch their products within few weeks in United States. Priced at around $15,000, don’t expect them to come down to affordable prices soon, but in a few years time we may all be watching Game of Thrones on curved screens.




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