Top 10 Most Deadly Hobbies

Do you get tired of your monotonous life, feel the need of some spice and some challenge in your life? Well some people, and mind you not the faint hearted, have the deadliest hobbies in the world. These people like to take challenges, to test themselves and their abilities. To push forward and to do what others are doing, they could potentially kill themselves while doing it. A single mistake with equipment or your own control, and you could die. These hobbies are the world’s deadliest, ranked according to how statistically deadly they are.


10. Bungee Jumping

10. Bunjee jumpingFeeling suicidal? Why not jump off a bridge! , only with a big rubber band attached to your feet. And as you do that, you’re just supposed to gently touch your forehead to the ground as you rebound with gravity’s assistance, but there could be complications, such as you make an impact head first, sustain head injuries, are paralyzed for life, or die from a broken neck. OR, if you do manage to safely maintain a distance from the ground, you could entangle yourself with the rubber attached to your feet while you’re rebounding and could choke yourself to death! Although chances of a fatal bungee jump are about 1 in 500,000.


9. Skydiving

9. Sky-divingEver felt like flying, just soaring through the sky. Well it’s not technically flying, more like falling. Free falling with a bit of fabric between you and Earth, under influence of gravity has to be deadly. If the chute does not open or breaks the cord, or you blackout in your free fall, the results can be deadly. However, the chances of dying while skydiving are roughly 1 in 160,000.


8. Scuba/Deep Sea Diving

8. Scuba DivingIf you’re looking for solitude, this is your sport. But the biggest issue with any type of diving is running out of air. Your oxygen kit ,if runs out and you’re a bit way too deep to come back to the surface, it could be pretty dangerous. And, if you happen to be near a hungry shark, well let’s just say not being able to breath would be least of your problems. However, chances of dying from scuba diving are 1 in 34,400.

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