Top 10 Most Deadly Hobbies

7. Ski Jumping

7. Ski JumpingSki jumping is when skiers go down a take off ramp, jump while doing tricks to land as far away from the initial point and close to the downhill as possible. And in addition to the jump, points are given for the style too. However the consequences can sometimes be deadly. Avalanches are one of the major threats , you cause that and say hello to an icy cold hard as rock grave ! The chances of dying from a ski jump are about 1 in 8,333.


6. Heli-Skiing

6. Heli-skiingHere we are with the sport of the winter; Skiing and since simple skiing off of a mountain is just too mainstream, so add some jumping into it and to make it more exciting! A short jump won’t do, how about jumping off of a helicopter? Yes that’s right, Ski jumping is done from a safe distance wearing skis or snowboard and jumping from a helicopter or a plane. When the snow starts avalanching behind you, then it’s getting deadly. And while some people, daring or stupid can’t say, even do tricks like a 360-degree flip or rotation. However, a slight miscalculation and you go on your back breaking about a dozen or more bones in your body at once, followed by paralysis or even death. But, not to worry the chances of dying from ski jumping are 1 in 5,560, so you better hope you’re in those 5,560.


5. Cliff Diving/Base Jumping

5 cliff-jump-base-It is similar to skydiving only this time you’re jumping off a cliff. And this makes it more dangerous because while the danger of not being able to open the chute and colliding with rocks at the bottom is there, what is worse is the fact that even though you might be able to open the chute , while opening the chute, collision with the side of the mountain is possible with the chute being ripped in two. Chances of dying from base jumping are about 1 in 2,317.


4. Boxing

4. BoxingBoxing is one of the most famous sports of our times, for we all probably know Mohammad Ali. Even he said “boxing is a rough sport” and “there is no such thing as a Fair game in boxing.” Where bludgeoning your opponent into submission, or to get them to blackout is your main aim, it couldn’t possibly be a safe sport. There are a number of injuries that can affect all areas of your body; the most dangerous of all being that in your skull. 1 in 2,200 boxers perish from a fight-related injury.

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