Top 10 Strange Theme Parks

Theme parks are great tourist attractions all over the world with bumpy rides, candy bars, colorful attractions, fun and games, etc. But there are many other preferences out there for theme park aficionados. Here is the list of the top 10 peculiar theme parks from around the world.

10. Alien Apex Resort, Roswell, New Mexico,


10. Alien Apex ResortRoswell in New Mexico is known for alien footprints and UFO sightings. People have been coming to the place in search of aliens and to catch the sight of a flying saucer. Hence, there is no better opportunity to construct a theme park based on an alien theme. Therefore, developers are already working on a theme park named Alien Apex Resort! If it kicks off the ground, its sure will give you a amazing alien experience; alien abducting roller coasters, flying saucer rides, alien counterparts and what not!


9. Dracula’s Land, Transylvania, Romania

9.Draculas LandTransylvania- home of Dracula is the perfect spot to make a “bloody” giant tourist resort. Dracula’s Land is different than all the theme parks on this list since it occupies a whole region attracting the tourists. A fully equipped installation from the Bram Stoker’s Dracula book, it not only includes the castles , prisons, and other such depictions of Vlad and Impaler’s atrocities but one can also enjoy snowboarding if you want.


8. Republic of Children, Manuel B. Gonnet, Argentina

8.Republic of ChildrenThe weirdest theme park your children will ever lay their feet on is in Argentina where instead of candy and rides, fun and games filling in the color, it is books and educational activities that focus on teaching ethics that are laid out in the most interesting manner to attract kids and satisfy their parents.

It gives the impression of a huge student council where officials are kind off democratically elected by the local kids. Created in 1951 under the Eva Peron Foundation, it is said to be the actual inspiration for the Disneyland- interesting!

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