Top 10 Tricks To Enhance Your Memory

Students are usually found struggling with how to improve their memory and to store large chunks of textbooks in their minds. While this problem is quite global, it is not only students who are a victim. So today we have compiled a list of top 10 habits that will help you enhance your memory and make it easier for you to access your databank of memory.

10. Snooze Button

10. Snooze ButtonThis is pretty amazing and will come quite handy when you’re trying to remember a phone number, just long enough to get a chance to write it down on a piece of paper. According to research, our working memory, the one we make use of when we are adding up numbers has a span of 18 seconds. That is to say, that anything in your working memory will fade after 18 seconds. However, some people might be able to retain a few pieces, let’s say 10 %, but that isn’t enough obviously. The key here is to rehearse the word/number every fifteen seconds until you get a chance to write it down.


9. Peg System

9. Peg SystemThis is a strange memory recall method but it works and science backs it too. The key idea is that you would imagine a human body and store information in form of pegs. The pegs will contain pictures which relate to the information you are storing. An example; let’s say you are memorizing parts of eye, you could use the forehead as the peg and imagine a picture of a student to represent pupil! This is association method, although seemingly bizarre, works great when you are trying to memorize small groups of information which are related.


8. Focus

8. FocusWe have bad news for music lovers; stop listening to music when you are trying to memorize. The key notion behind this is simple; the more sensory inputs you are providing to your brain, the sloppy your memory is getting. Since your brain is merely jumping to and fro from different inputs that it’s getting. So shut off that TV and/or your mp3 player when you sit down to study and ‘focus’ on what you’re trying to memorize. Remember the golden rule; the less the better.

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