10 Most Eccentric Millionaires and Billionaires

Money makes the world go round, it’s what makes us work late hours, work hard and do everything that we possibly can to earn as much as we can. We all want a life free of worries, sitting by the pool sipping piña coladas with a Ferrari parked in our garage. Some people do get to live their lives the way they want, free of worries of money – and maybe that’s why they turn a bit loony tunes to pass the time. Here are a few very rich people who also got a bit weird along the way.

10. Jocelyn Wildenstein

10. Jocelyn WildensteinJocelyn was introduced to Alec Wildenstein, a billionaire, by Adnan Khashoggi on Alec’s 60,000 acre Kenyan ranch. Once they were married, Jocelyn went through major surgeries in order to transform her features into those of a cat as to please her husband. One can say that the surgeries did not help as Jocelyn caught Alec in bed with a 19 year old Russian model back in 1977. It was all down after that, she received history’s biggest divorce settlement worth $2.5 billion along with annual allowance of $100 million for 13 years. The judge ordered Jocelyn to not have further surgeries which involved this money. Jocelyn is currently with her new husband who is 20 years younger than she is.


9. Robert Klark Graham

9. Robert Klark GrahamOptometrist as a professional, Robert made a lot of money by inventing shatter proof glass. At the pinnacle of his career, Robert decided to create a higher breed of people. For this purpose he opened “Repository for Germinal Choice” which was supposedly a sperm bank only to take donations from Nobel Prize laureates. It is an established fact that to receive a Nobel Prize one has to invest one’s life, this implies that most of the people who would donate were naturally old people. William Shockley, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1956 was the only known contributor. Of course Robert eventually lowered his standards for donors but in February 1997 (90 years of age) Robert slipped in his bathtub knocking himself out and drowned. His Repository ended weakly shortly after that. Around 217 children were conceived by the sperm bank and those who came forward have shown marked intelligence.


8. Mark Zuckerberg

8. Mark ZuckerbergNothing too weird when it comes to the inventor of Facebook other than the fact that in 2011 he announced that he will not eat meat unless he killed the animal with his own hands. One can argue that he is a little awkward and dresses a little differently but being a vegetarian he made it clear that he will “eat meat” once he “killed” the animals. In May 2011 via Facebook Mark updated his status “I just killed a pig and a goat”. However his new found interest of killing animals for meat was short lived as since 2012 the bloodthirsty billionaire now acquires his meat from the store.

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