Top 10 Best Robots to Buy

There is nothing like sitting on the couch or your bed and ordering someone to do all your work, someone who would just take all the orders and not complain in return-ever! It seemed impossible before robots came into existence. Now one can just own a robot and let it do anything and everything, starting from cleaning up the house and fetching you food or waking you up in the morning or even just giving you company. Convenience personified! Want an easy life? Get a robot! Take your pick from the following top 10 robots to make your life heaven.

10. Mint Plus

10Cleaning up is the most frequent of household chores. Removing dust, dirt, clearing wooden floors, mopping and sweeping, Mint Plus is what you need. One cycle can cleanup an area of up to 350 square feet and at a pretty good pace. For only $300, and an Evolution Robotics invention, mint plus is best in navigating the obstacles that come in its way and is great with working on tiles and wooden floors! No more getting dirty if you have this little helper with you.


9. iRobot Looj

9Washing the toilet gives everyone creeps. No worries with Looj at your side. This little remote controlled wireless robot is just worth $150 and cleans all sorts of toilets and gutters, clearing all kind of spots, stains and debris. The only hassle is that you have to position it separately to clean the far corners. iRobot tech is the creator for Looj.


8. Clocky

8The most difficult task for our generation-next is waking up in the morning! Clocky is a savior – a little cute alarm robot that practically runs around the house with its continuous beeping. You have to stop it by catching it which is annoying yet intriguing. Introduced by Nanda Homes, Clocky is only worth $40.

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