10 Inventions That Will Change Your Everyday Life

Finding new uses of old techniques,methods and gadgets is true innovation. This is a top 10 list that talks about everyday use items which has been improved in one way or another.

10. Wi-Fi Routers      

10Chinese scientists have tweaked the average Wi-Fi router by introducing a router that relies on light to transmit data rather than radio waves. If you’re thinking that this is just a fantasy then you are mistaken. Office buildings in Minnesota are already users of this tweaked Wi-Fi- router. For those who are wondering how you can use light for transmission, well it uses a form of binary code and works by flickering of light at a speed which the human eye is unable to register. The following video tells more about this new invention!


9. Touch Screens

9OmniTouch is the gadget you need to own. Currently being researched on by Microsoft, this gadget can let you project a screen on any surface and can be mounted on your shoulder. You can use the projection as a touch screen. Sounds wicked , right? Moreover, it can project multiple screens as well on different, that’s right, different surfaces.


8. Floor Mats

8Here’s something for people who love when they don’t have to work at all; a floor mat which cleans your shoes while you step over it. Priced at almost six thousand dollars this floor mat makes use of tiny vacuum valves that suck the dirt from your shoes and dump it into a container which can be cleaned afterwards. Available in different sizes and shapes, here’s a video of how it works!

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