Top 10 Tools For Survival

Survival scenarios are something that we see in almost every other movie and admit it they are quite fascinating. Well, you might face a similar sitution one someday and the bad news is that you probably won’t be equipped well enough to endure it. So its time to go through this top 10 list which is essentially a list of ten items that you must have in your backpack.

10. Compass and Map

10Ease and accessibility of GPS has taken over the spot which compass once enjoyed but you might end up at a place where you can’t charge your GPS device. Your best options are a map, a compass and a basic sense of orienteering. The compass works with earth’s magnetic field so you really don’t need any charging for that to work. So, equip your survival kit with a compass and a map ASAP. Remember Captain Jack Sparrow? Yeah, from the Pirates of the Caribbean, the guy had a compass which saved his life more than once. Get yourself one too!


9. Fire Starter

9When you are in a survival scenario, a fire will save you in more than one way. It acts as a source of heat, allows you to cook, purifies water, keeps the animals away and may act as a rescue signal. You need to equip yourself with a fire starting kit to make your survival odds better. Get a waterproof box and add some lighters to it along with weatherproof matches, a flint and a magnifying glass lens. One could pack sparklers too with their stem cut off. They are perfect fire starters for kindling and moist leaves. You might want to start practicing using your kit during your camping trips. It might come in handy one day.


8. First Aid Kit

8At number eight is something that is essential for you no matter which profession you belong to. A first aid kit must always be with you in case of any mishap. Knowing what to keep in your first aid kit is a science too. You don’t want it to be overly packed and you don’t want to miss out on anything that might be important. You should start with basic medications, wound cleaning solutions and carry on to put in some tweezers, bandages, gauze and eyewash. Have emergency supplies in the kit as per your personal requirements as well- you might be allergic to something in the environment and it’s always a good idea to keep medication with you. Have an ointment for rashes and burns. Also keep a emergency manual as what to do in case of an accident.

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