Top 10 Accidental Inventions

Accidental inventions can really change the world. Look at Power puff girls for instance, they were created with the accidental addition of chemical X and they have changed the world! No, really, accidental inventions have changed the world. Working on something else, scientists have bumped into accidental discoveries that have changed the world and opened so many new possibilities.

10. Penicillin

10Penicillin that changed the medical world and proved to be quite helpful on the battlefield was an accidental discover. Yes, that’s right, our number ten, was an accidental discovery made by a Scottish scientist, Alexander Fleming.  It was discovered in 1928 by Alexander when he left his lab without cleaning up the culture plates and came back after vacations only to find out that he had discovered Penicillin, the world’s first naturally occuring anti-biotic.


9. Microwave

noneMicro this, Micro that. Just put it in the Microwave! Ever thought how Microwave was invented? Bet not, so here it is. In 1945, a chocolate lover- Percy L. Spencer decided to walk past a radiation tube and he was observant enough to notice that the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted. We believe that he must have cursed himself at that moment but soon he tested out the phenomenon with a bowl of pop corn and they popped rather quickly. This accidental melting of chocolate led to the discovery of microwave radiation that helped invent Microwave.


8. Popsicle

8Back in 1905, Soda Pop was quite a popular drink and due to its reputation, a young innovator Frank Epperson was trying to make it.  So, he made a mixture of the drink with soda water and accidentally  left the mixture on his porch for the whole night. The next morning, the forgetful innovator found out that the mixture had frozen and was stuck to the stick he was using for stirring the mixture. However, the sale of popsicles started eighteen years later.

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