Sidewall Skiing – The New Craze In Saudia Arabia

Sidewall skiing is the new crazy sport that has become viral in the middle east. This dangerous yet exciting sport has originated from Saudia Arabia. It basically means driving a car on its side wheels at high speed. The driver drives the car on two wheels and passengers perform all kind of tricks and stunts which even includes changing tires of high speed car or standing on the running vehicle.

Sidewall skiing sport has become very famous among youngsters. People come from far places to see this dangerous sport. Some daredevils even take part in the sports by laying on roads and allowing the vehicle to pass over them at breakneck speeds. To lift the cars drivers use ramps and then rely on their manuvering skills. The drivers performing such stunts are quite skillful as a little mistake can cause the car to flip over and possibly kill the passengers.

sidewall-skiing (1)




Changing Tires Of A Running Vehicle:

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