Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs Of The World

Dogs are quite famous with human race. Also known as man’s best friend, these creatures are loyal and friendly (well, some of them). They’ll watch your back for you and can be taught a number of tricks. Humans grow fond dogs as well and you’ll find some very interesting and heart touching stories where dogs saved their owner’s life or vice versa. This list deals with 10 of the most expensive breeds of dogs.

10. Chow Chow

10This seemingly cute little dog is a perfect example of saying that there’s more to it than what meets the eyes. This particular dog is considered to be a high risk dog because of the fatal bites that it can give. The Chow Chow is protective of its master and therefore isn’t very welcoming towards strangers. The dog comes from China and has quite an impressive built. It costs a whopping $3,000.


9. Pharaoh Hound

9The Pharaoh hound, contrary to what its name suggests doesnt come from Egypt. In fact, this interesting dog comes from Malta. In its native area, it is used by Maltese for hunting rabbits. The name sure has its effect on the creature, it’s elegant, full of grace, powerful and quite athletic (you need it to be if you are using it to hunt rabbits). This breed can be stubborn (remember the name), but is quite intelligent. The creature has a strong drive for hunt and therefore should always be kept on a leash for it sure does have an independent mind. This dog will cost you $3,000.


8. Akita

8This one can give you a difficult time if you are a first-time dog owner. The dog is not very fond of socializing with other dogs and will require training in that aspect. However, this strong, big and somewhat dominating natured dog will love its owner like anything. There are two varieties out there; American and Japanese, the difference being color. This one will cost you $3,500.

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