Top 10 Surprisingly Bad Things for You

Everything has its pros and cons; things we consider beneficial for us, might be harmful for others and vice versa! See below for the top 10 ways we are harming ourselves unknowingly and perhaps unwittingly:

10. Eating Popcorn or Ice:

10Both popcorn and ice put the teeth at great risk- who could have thought a simple movie time with a bucket full of pop corns could not only lead to infection when the popcorn kernels get stuck in the teeth but cause them to chip off and even lead to cancer! Ice on the other hand causes the smiles to vanish by making teeth very brittle and weak. Beware of excessive ice and pops if you want your smiles to look good and attractive! 😉


9. Drinking Lots of Water:

9To think that drinking excess water can kill is the most absurd thing you must have ever found out- but no wait, it is true! It is a proper disorder called water intoxication and can prove to be lethal. It usually happens to people who undergo extensive exercise and then intake heavy gulps of water in large amount, which causes imbalance of salts and electrolytes in the body. Thus when you are very thirsty after good sweaty, exercise drink water slowly in small amount, or take a drink with electrolytes in it.


8. Teflon Coated Products:

Tomato in panNowadays one cannot imagine life without Teflon coated products such as non-stick frying pans or hair straighteners; although it is well known but it is still not entirely safe to use as it may enter the blood stream in small quantities and act as a toxin. On being exposed to very high temperature, Teflon coating can convert into dangerous toxins that target the immune system of the body. Scientists have observed its cancer causing abilities when tested on animals; however it is still not confirmed for humans.

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