Toyota iRoad — The New Electric Vehicle

While world is busy in providing luxury and performance vehicles, Toyota is thinking out of the box. The auto giant is aiming to hit the market with a totally new concept. It’s neither a car nor a bike but rather something between them. Toyota iRoad is powered by a pair of 2 kW electric motors, attached to the front wheels. This vehicle can accommodate two persons at a time.

The beauty of the car is that it has new active lean technology, which means that the rider can maneuver it like a motorcycle. The smooth auto balancing in the vehicle helps it to maintain its track. According to Toyota, the ultra thin design of i-Road allows four of these to be parked in a single car parking spot. The three wheeled machine provides a next level biking experience, offering drivers to be more safer as compared to 2 wheeled bikes. There is no confirmation of price by Toyota yet. So far we see one big drawback in this machine i.e you get only 30 miles on a single charge.






Toyota iRoad Official Video

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