Dolphin Concept Car

The race of producing smarter and more stylish cars is on the fire. This year the third winner of Michelin design challenge was the Dolphin concept car. The main theme of the competition was “Half! lightweight with passion” thus the aim was to bring the concept cars that boast smart technology with light weight body. Dolphin concept car was designed by Liu Shun, Gao Zhiqiang, and Chen Zhilei. Aesthetically the car looks great and has sporty looks. It also meets the futuristic requirements and is designed to carry four persons at a time.

The body is overall constructed with glass and carbon fiber which makes the car extremely lightweight, thus reduces the energy consumption. In other words, its for people who want to live a life with a smaller carbon foot print. Scissor doors are used in this concept car which extend to the front bumper and hence complete the wild looks of this stylish car. Here are some pictures of the Dolphin concept car.