The Most Advanced And Most Expensive Motor Home For Sale

World’s most expensive and most beautiful motor home is now for sale. When we say expensive, we are not talking about few thousand pounds, we are talking 1.9 million pounds. “Marchi Mobile” from Austria are the makers of this 40 ft long palace on wheels. This giant moving luxury house is known as eleMMent palazzo and it comes with many types of luxury sets which includes a pop-up roof terrace measuring 215 sq ft, underfloor heating, master bed room with 40 inch TV, separate toilet, suite bathroom, rainfall shower, a complete dashing lounge, bunk bed in drivers cab and of course a stylish bar.

Once you enter the driver’s cabin, you will have a top class luxurious environment not only to drive but also to enjoy your ride. The leather trimmed interior is made to meet finest standards. Other features of eleMMent include mobile Internet, streaming video surveillance, satellite TV and much more. Probably it is the first vehicle in the world to offer glow-in-the-dark paint. According to Marchi Mobile, a 510 bhp engine moves the 20 ton castle and it can hit the top speed of 93 mph. Company says that this vehicle can be the moving luxurious suite of a rock star or Formula one drivers. And if somebody has innumerable money to spend then company would be more than happy to install diamonds in the roof of this high end vehicle.