Top 10 Ways to harness the Nature’s Power

Looking at the consumption rate of major fossil fuels like natural gas, wood etc, it is foreseen that there may be a shortfall of natural resources in the next 75 years. Keeping in view the statistics, developers and engineers are expected to create alternate and more sustainable energy resources, as these are the essential to life. Check out 10 ways engineers are harnessing nature’s power.

10. Using Train Vibrations to capture Energy

Capturing Energy From Train Vibrations

Researchers from Stony Brook University, New York found that energy could be collected from the vibrations produced by running trains. A device is placed that has the ability to utilize this energy and convert it to electricity. According to them, their device has the potential of producing 200 watts of direct current. Moreover, $10 million per year can be saved if the collected electricity is used in railway stations of New York alone.

9. Generator Powered By Human Urine

A Generator Powered By Human Urine

Here is an innovative idea put forth by a group of teenage engineers from Nigeria. A new generator has been developed by four students that is powered by human urine. Hydrogen gas is separated from human urine through electrolysis process that generates power. Working of generator with the help of human urine can be considered as the cheapest and an always available energy resource.

8. Self-Filling Water Bottle

Self-Filling Water Bottle

Despite the fact that water is the most important component for life, millions of people do not have clean water to drink. NBD Nano came up with a new idea whereby a bottle refills itself with pure water with the help of air. There are bumps in the bottle that attract water by condensing airborne moisture and convert it into tiny droplets. These droplets are then repelled by the valleys that surround the bumps. This slow looking process is actually so efficient that it refills three liters of water in just an hour.

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