Top 10 foods For Changing Your Mood To Good

If you are working or about to start any activity like driving, talking, gardening or even eating, it depends a lot on your mood. If you are in good mood, you will feel fresh and can perform activities with more determination and potential whilst if your mood is not good you might feel bored, bothered and lazy. You can lift your mood with certain types of foods; so below is a list of top ten food items that will surely make your day.

10. Atlantic salmon

Atlantic salmon

A single 200g serving of Atlantic salmon is enough to fulfill the daily requirements of essential fats like DHA and EPA that plays an important role in regulating your mood. It has been proved by American Heart Association that eating salmon twice a week is good for health. The fish possess plenty of proteins and calories are very few.

9. Walnuts


The food, which you can eat anywhere and at anytime. Just put ten walnuts in your pocket and eat them daily. The most interesting thing about walnut is that as its pulp looks like brain, it helps in the nourishment of brain too. The blood cholesterol level is also sustained and the circulation of blood throughout the body remains in a flow.

8. Eggs


Many people eat eggs without knowing what is so special about them. Eggs comprise of an essential nutrient Choline, which performs important functions in the body including neurotransmission and cell membrane functions associated with the energy, sleep, memory and mood levels of the humans.

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