World’s First Transparent Rollable Keyboard

Check out Qii — World’s first transparent rollable keyboard! We have seen such type of keyboards in fiction movies and many of us dreamt to use such a keyboard with our desktop computers.Thankfully, its not a dream anymore. This futuristic keyboard has been designed and created by David Brown, Ilkka Varjos and Bjorn Fridur. The design and portability of the keyboard makes it probably the world’s smartest keyboard yet. All you have to do is unroll the keyboard and it can be used on any surface. The unique thing about this keyboard is that its transparent and it wirelessly connects to your laptop/phone/tablet. It is unbreakable and resistant to any type of liquid.

The team which has build this keyboard is looking for funding through IndieGoGo. They are hoping to raise $1.8 million and If they are able to gather such a huge amount in the next 28 days then you can spend $120 to get this keyboard in future. Check out the first few pictures of this keyboard:





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