Top 10 Engineering Jobs for 2013

Electrical engineering is one of the most popular and highly paid job opportunities. Moreover, engineering jobs offer more job security as these job vacancies are always there in the marker, locally and internationally. You can start your career after having a bachelor degree in engineering but to remain in this field, you should stay up to date with latest trends, technologies and research in the field.

10. Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are associated with the work of construction. Whether it is construction of a road, canal, dam, building, overhead bridge or underpass, you will find a civil engineer there. A civil engineer supervises the entire infrastructure related to construction and ensures best and accurate results. The average salary of a civil engineer is about $52,700 per year, excluding the benefits.

9. Environmental Engineers

Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers use the principles of chemistry and biology to solve environmental problems and make the surroundings neat and clean. They use their expertise to solve the problems of pollution, recycling and proper disposing of waste materials. The environmental engineers earn an estimated salary of $53,300 per year.

8. Health and Safety Engineers

Health and Safety Engineers

Health and safety engineers work on different create different solutions for reducing the safety risks at work sites and during product use. Mining safety engineers are not included within this category of engineering. The salary of health and safety engineers is expected to be $56,900 per year.

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