Nano Technology Solves Sticky Ketchup Problem [video]


Getting honey or ketchup out of the bottle has been a big problem for a very long time. Whether you try back of your fork or you keep the bottle upside down, no trick has really made it easy. Sitting in front of hot fries and waiting for ketchup to come out is really a test of patience. Finally, MIT researchers have come up with non-stick bottles using nano technology that does not stick to ketchup or honey. It also works for Mayonnaise. No doubt they did a great job which is going to help make things easy.

The new non-stick bottles are known as LiquiGlide bottles. LiquiGlide is actually a coating made up of a slime slick material which coats itself over the surface of the container. The material is safe for food and can be applied over any type of plastic, glass or any other packaging material. According to the inventors,  LiquiGlide is “kind of a structured liquid — it’s rigid like a solid, but it’s lubricated like a liquid.”

We really wish to see these non-stick bottles in market soon. Till then, check out the videos below

LiquiGlide Mayonnaise Version

LiquiGlide Ketchup Version