iBamboo – Portable Green Speakers for Your iPhone

Today we have to show you another marvelous green invention. Lately, the idea of docking speakers for smartphones has taken flight and we are seeing a lot of docking music speakers in the market.However, this docking station, called the iBamboo, is completely made of green materials. The whole concept revolves around iPhone music – people buy extra speakers to enhance their music enjoyment and though these natural speakers are not of that quality, they promise to keep our planet green.

The designers made it from a piece of bamboo and also kept some space for the iPhone docking. As soon as the iPhone is docked, the 2 little speakers within the iBamboo start working. The speakers don’t need any external power and you can enjoy your favorite music without damaging the planet.

The same bamboo speakers will also be available for the iPad. For what we got to know about the price tag, its $25. Check out the video below to watch iBamboo in action.