Top 10 Highly Developed Countries

What differentiates between a developed country and one that’s still in the process of development besides the obvious prosperity and economic strength? Factors such as life expectancy, education, standard of living, child welfare, health care, economic welfare, and population happiness play major roles to determine the Human Development Index of a country that ranks a country based on how high is its level of development. Some critics claim the HDI of a country to be a vague estimate of its development, but nonetheless, the numbers don’t lie and the strength and stability of these countries speak for themselves. Here are the top ten highly developed countries based on their HDIs.

10. Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden, a largely liberal country in Northern Europe, does not have much to boast for covered area (it is roughly the size of the state of California), but it is here on this list for a reason: an HDI of 0.904. Reasons? The Swedes are considered to be one of the happiest people of the world, almost all 9.3 million of them, with high marks in income of $35,876 per capita and a regular GDP of $485 billion. In addition to that, they boast an average life expectancy of 80.9 years, a remarkable education system, low unemployment and poverty rates, free and equal health care and is a fore runner of environmental sustainability while urging other countries to embrace the green and becoming more Eco-friendly. Also, their rich history makes them a magnet for travellers making it a major tourist attraction. Check out these ten good things about Sweden.

9. Germany

Think of Germany and the first image that springs to mind of those still dwelling in the past is the people who always seem to be angry and are sadistic murderers, but the post war facts suggest a completely different picture. Germany is a nation with one of the highest educational standards in the world, while having the largest economy in the entire European Union. The literacy rate is exceptionally high as it stands at 99 percent while average class attendances are a full hundred percent. Germany is a country built on engineering and industrial development, with some of the most efficient and perfectly designed products in the world which include the cars (Mercedes, Audi, BMW). The GDP amounts to 3.5 trillion dollars with a per capita number of $40,631. Although unemployment rate is 7 percent, but the poverty rate is low. The people are very hospitable, and add to the appeal of a very major tourist destination where the average life expectancy is 79.4 years. germany’s HDI value is 0.905.

8. Liechtenstein

The small state of Liechtenstein, with an HDI of 0.905, has one of the smallest populations in the world and its landmass is not much as well with the country covering an area of a mere 160 square kilometers. With a population of just 35,000, the government is based on the parliamentary democratic system and boasts of having a GDP per capita of $141,000, one of the highest in the world and unemployment and poverty rates  are virtually non-existent. It is a major investment center for other countries and imposes very low taxes on its people. And on top of that, the landscape and the scenic beauty of the country is breathtaking.

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