Top 10 Highly Developed Countries

7. Ireland

Ireland! You read the word and chuckled at the thought of leprechauns and beer and an accent par human understanding, but a green little man with a pot of gold is not the reason for mentioning Ireland in this list, although that really wouldn’t be too bad an idea. The Republic of Ireland boasts of an impressive HDI of 0.908 and has a literacy rate of 99 percent with a life expectancy of 78.9 years. The country has impressive monetary figures with a GDP of $203.89 billion and a per capita GDP of $45,497. It is ranked no. 7 in the world for its freedom of press, economic freedom and political freedom. It was enjoying rapid economic and developmental growth when the global recession of 2008 began, but then  it experienced a massive drop in GDP and went into debt due to the negative GDP. It has been working with other European countries since then to continue development and growth.

6. Canada


Canada is one of the few countries having two national anthems and is the second largest country in the world by rank of its area. It is a parliamentary democracy along with being a constitutional democracy, with Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State. Canada’s HDI number is 0.908 and for good value as well as it has a DP of $1.758 trillion and a per capita GDP of $51,147. It has a very sound economy and the level of education and literacy rates are very high with a large chunk of the population being multi-lingual as well. It is famous for its free health care system with the citizens having an average life expectancy of 80.7 years and the taxes imposed on these citizens are very low. Canada also boasts of being home to the world famous Niagra Falls, and is a popular tourist destination.

5. New Zealand

With an HDI score of 0.908, New Zealand escorts us into the top 5 of our list. Historically, it was one of the last groups of islands to be discovered and inhabited by humans. The natural landscape in New Zealand is breathtaking, with strong biodiversity and a flourishing animal life. Like Canada, New Zealand is also a parliamentary constitutional monarchy having Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State. The country boasts of having one of the highest living standards and happiness ratings in the world and has always been a strong supporter of peace and the environment by banning nuclear weapons and sustaining a bio diverse ecosystem. New Zealand’s GDP is $157.877 billion and a GDP per capita is $35,374 for a small population of just about 4.3 million people. Educational standards, literacy rates and health standards are very high with an average citizen’s life span of 80.2 years.  Crime rates in New Zealand are very low, so it is a safe and beautiful haven for its citizens and tourists alike.

4. United States of America

The most powerful country in the world started out as a British colony before they started the American Revolution, got their independence, fought with the Native Americans, dealt with the Civil War, survived the Great Depression and battled in two World Wars and have thus transformed into one of the world’s major super powers. Their GDP is the largest in the world at a whopping $15 trillion and a per capita GDP of $48,147. The government in the US is a representative democracy and its an industrial giant in manufacturing, telecommunications, technology and automobiles. It is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, but despite all that, the US has a 15 percent poverty rate, 9 percent unemployment average and their educational standards fall behind the rest of the world. Although life expectancy is relatively high at 79 years, the US loses more points due to health problems as as up to 33 percent of adults are obese and the obesity rates are showing no signs of decrease. Above all, they are under massive debt because of the global recession and the wars they have waged in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, their HDI of 0.910 keeps them in the top 5 of our list.

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