The Little Transformer — Time To Say AUTOBOTS Transform!

We didn’t get hit by any Cybertron specie but we surely have made one! A little transforming robot that moves like a spider but can transform itself into a ball or a cool multi flaped toy. The creator of this robot is Kåre halvorsen who named it MorPhex. The amazing little robot can perform various tricks and it can transform in a few seconds. Plus it has a very smart sense of  performing stunts. The complex design and the material used in the construction of the MorPhex makes it worthy to stand for a competition so Kåre halvorsen decided to participate in one. And now he is competing to win Boca Bearings 2012 Innovation Competition with this little robot. On his winning, he could get $10,000 which will aid him financially to improve this already fantabulous robot.

The robot can move, turn, rotate and can get a boost from its internal installed motor. The little MorPhex is indeed an admirable toy robot.Check out  the video and let us know your thoughts:

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