Music Sofa Connects With Your iPod

If you are a crazy musicĀ listenerĀ and you can not remain without music beats then this comfy sofa is just made for you. No matter how much your mom scolds you on placing speakers in the living room, if you still want to enjoy your favourite music then you are at a right place to find your problem’s solution. A fancy setup of sofas is just on its way to market which has two speakers inside it along with a subwoofer. Now you might be wondering what would we do with those speakers without any connectivity port. So cheer up its time to rock and roll with your iPods since the sofas contain a built in iPod dock which eventually connects to the sofas speakers. And there you go, Dance hard on the floor even without disturbing any living room adjustments.

The sofas come in different colours along with the addon like seats, couches etc. You can buy this sofa set for $1700. But this sound sofa is currently right now available in England. We hope to see it in more countries soon.