A Working Cart Made Entirely From Lego

There are many Lego fans in the world and people like to build great things from Lego kits. But unlike others, a¬†Dutch Lego fan, Eric Steenstra is thinking out of the box. He made a fully functional cart that is made from Lego. This go-cart is tough enough to carry his son. Now what’s really amazing about this cart is that it is entirely build up from Lego blocks, which means the structure is build up without using any glue or metal supports. Only the Lego bricks are holding this structure together.

To make it move Eric figured installing 48 Lego Mindstorms motors. Still there are two things missing from this go-cart that is steering and speed. Eric told us that it was not the final version as he will be working out the steering mechanism. Yet no words from him about the expected date.

Check out the video below to watch this hand made go-cart in action