How much of the popularity of online poker is down to high speed internet?

Online poker has developed over the last decade or so to become one of the most popular pastimes throughout a great many countries with many gambling enthusiasts preferring to play the game online rather than at land-based casinos these days. A lot of that success can be attributed to the developments that have taken place with the casino sites themselves, which now have far more sophisticated graphics, a wider choice of games and an altogether more realistic, immersive experience to go alongside the convenience. However another factor that should not be overlooked when examining the rise of online poker is that of high speed internet connections.

Of all the forms of online gaming available poker is probably the one where the need for a high speed connection is greatest. Slow speeds will make it harder for you to keep up with what the other players in the game are doing, and any gambler knows this affects your chances of playing well and winning. Thus, for anyone but the most experienced and accomplished of poker players, a low speed internet connection will likely lead to financial losses and put people off even bothering to play.

It is possible that more experienced, confident players would be able to handle the difficulties created by a slow internet service, but there is no doubt that high speed internet is a significant factor behind the rising popularity of the game. However it is also important to have a dependable internet connection as the benefits of a high speed one will not count for much if you keep losing the connectivity at key moments in a game. The preferred internet connection for many online poker players is cable internet due to the combination of speed and dependability that it offers.

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