A Camera That Is Controlled With Your Eyes

A new idea enters the battle of camera and photography. Of all the futuristic cameras and their concepts, this idea is the coolest one. This new camera works on the new technology of eye-tracking and biometric detection, helping the device to take photos smoothly on the blink of your eye. Function of this camera is way too awesome; you can zoom in by squinting your eyes slightly and zoom out by opening your eyes wider. When you are ready to take the photo, you just need to blink your eyes twice.

Unlike other cameras till now, this camera will recognize user’s identity and their lens power. Moreover, while using this camera, you don’t need to actually see through the lens, instead, you’ll have the ease of looking at the digital display mounted on one of its end. And that display will automatically create a backing where the shutter and sensors will be located.

The device is still a prototype and is rumored to be Wifi-enabled as well.

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