Single Sewing Thread Wrapped Around Nails To Make Unbelievable Portraits

Kumi Yamashita from Japan makes some truly jaw dropping art. The portraits are made while wrapping an Unbroken thread over nails. The mind boggling art stuns you for a while at first. We have seen nail-art before as well, but this Yamashita art is some legendary work which is bound to live on for decades.

She bolted nails over a white background and then started weaving the thread all over until she got what she desired. You can see clearly in the pictures below that whereever she wanted to give some depth to the picture, she increased the thread turns. Once the portrait is complete, you can see a fine piece of art and appreciate the effort made during its formation. The amount of patience and struggle speaks for itself in the portraits. I have never seen such remarkable art elsewhere, hats off to Yamashita.

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