Height Of Customization: Ferrari Gets A Leather Exterior

When talking about customizing a car, those spoilers, side skirts and dashing roof tops look adorable. But this type of leather customization is extreme. The rich owner of this car wanted to wrap up the entire car in leather, giving it a whole new look. An anonymous client from the French Riviera hired the luxury car customization specialist Dartz and gave him his Ferrari F430. He turned it into a black leather classic.

It took Dartz 16 working days along with the help of his 3 staff members to apply the leather finish onto the car. The perfection of it all was truly admirable. Dartz did not really reveal his secret but he said he used pure leather with vinyl.

Recently, Dartz was employed by the producers of the film “The Dictator”. Dartz Aladeen Edition was one of his achievements for that film.

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