Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Review

During the last couple of months we have seen a range of antivirus companies offering Antivirus solutions for mobile devices. Just a while ago Bitdefender released their antivirus for Android which is the subject of our review today.

For starters, the Android antivirus app powered by  Bitdefender Antivirus has one huge advantage over its competition i.e it has cloud based virus scanning ability which makes it lighter and easy on the mobile’s processor. This in turn helps to keep the phone battery usage down. Moreover, it has the following features:

Anti Theft

Although part of almost every antivirus these days, the anti-theft option in bitdefender’s antivirus works flawlessly. Having this option activated on your phone surely gives you peace of mind against any attempts at theft of your beloved droid.

Web Security

With this feature, you no longer have to worry about the authenticity of the website you are visiting. It alerts you of any sites that are connected with malware, fishing or any blackhat activity. Therefore, this feature has huge value for people who regularly browse the web through their android devices.

Application Audit

Are you sure that the application you just installed on your phone is not a clever malware packaged like an ordinary app? With the help of Application Audit feature of bitdefender’s antivirus, you can actually filter out any dangerous app that might be installed on your phone.

On top of this all, the app is FREE, yes the basic version is free to download from Google Play Store. You can upgrade to premium version offering more features for a meagre 9.95 USD which is quite a bargain considering the features that this antivirus app for android offers. So get your copy today and tell us your experiences!