Creepy Yet Amazing Art!

Chooo-San, a talented Japanese Body Art artist, shows something new to world. She discovered her talent while she was studying for her university tests. It was that time when she first drew eyes on her hand, amazingly real eyes. Then in a relatively short time, her talent got better and better, and she started making really cool yet bizarre things, all on her body. Her art is totally different from others, mostly because she uses her own body for making realistic paintings on and all she uses is acrylic paints; turning herself into a creepy monster.

Although, the first time I saw her pictures, I thought them to be photoshopped, but I soon realized the fantastic concept behind the art and the fact that they were real. Chooo-San can paint any realistic object ranging from LCD displays to cell batteries and from pretty faces to creepy eyes!

Here are some pictures of her collection.

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