Olympus Unveils Their Own Google Styled Wearable Glasses

Google kick-started the race for wearable glasses and now companies are starting to hop onto this bandwagon. Google being the pioneer of this new technology leads the race. No doubt they will be facing a stiff competition, and to start things off, Olympus has unveiled their first wearable displays.

The Japanese company has announced their new device called “The MEG 4.0”. Like its competitor, it’s also a simple wearable display that fits your ordinary pair of glasses. These glasses can then be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. According to one report the glasses carry an accelerometer as well, and the battery lasts for 8 hours. There is no commercial for Meg 4.0 as of yet leaving a lot to discover about its true functions. It seems market is heating up for these type of displays. As it seems, it’s just a matter of time till we adopt to such type of displays.

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