Addis Ababa’s Future National Stadium And Sports Village In Ethiopia

Entertainment is an essential part of our lives; without entertainment, sports or games, our lives would be like a barren land. For that matter, Addis Ababa’s new National Stadium and Sports Village project is a new and exciting place for people to visit from all over the world. This architectural wonder can house more than sixty thousand people.

Surrounded by spectacular buildings, churches, cisterns and other local attractions, this stadium is one of its kind. It is designed by LAVA in collaboration with DesignSport and JDAW, known as the local Ethopian firm.

The stadium is fully packed with solar powered umbrellas providing a sheet of shelter for the visitors, with fountains and water attractions, and urban parks that take you closer to nature. The design and architecture of this project was inspired by Massob, an Ethopian communal serving woven grass basket.

This awe-inspiring marvel in Ethopia’s heart is now under construction.

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