Soap Bubble Screen Turns To be New World’s Thinnest 3D Display

We all love popping soap bubbles, it was surely one of our favourite things to do in childhood. Well, some creative researchers from University of Tokyo thought outside the box, and instead of popping the bubbles, they turned them into a new medium for 3 dimensional displays. This technology is so far the world’s thinnest 3D screen ever. But these bubbles are not ordinary soap bubbles, they are made up of special mixtures and can withstand high frequency vibrations which are used to form the colloidal displays.

To make 3D images, multiple displays are used and since the screen is transparent, it makes a floating image. You can probably call it the beginning of holographic displays. Since the colloidal mixture can be made in various shapes, the form restraint is pretty non-existent.

The future of this technology seems bright. It could be the most advanced portable screen ever made. There is no need of folding or carrying screens anymore, just blowing bubbles can make a screen for you. Take a look at the video below.

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