A Concept For Future Aircraft

Shabtai Hirshberg is an innovator who has done a great work in making up a design and subsequently writing a thesis over future commercial aircraft. He has intelligently considered the design, comfort, fuel saving and greener environment for the future aircraft concept.

According to current predictions we will be having a 100% increase in flights by the end of 2030. Airlines are also well aware of the rising prices of fuel, and according to an estimate most of them will cut back the luxuries and increase passenger capacities since the business is becoming less profitable.

The new designed Shabtai Hirshberg commercial plane fits perfect in these circumstances since it reduces the fuel cost by 30%. This newly designed aircraft can also be landed on water as well as land. The streamlined shaped body and great efficiency of features makes it a brilliant choice for future. The designer has ambitiously worked with aeronautical engineers to come up with optimized use of technology, material, propulsion and other features

Take a look at the design of this concept below.

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