Man Builds His Dream Chopper Out Of Wood

Just a while ago, a guy made a Porsche car out of Bicycle. Now an enthusiast motorcyclist from Hungary has built his dream machine from wood. Thats right Istvan Puskas is the man who built a chopper from the wood and its not for decoration, the bike actually runs! Istvan spent last two years building this bike and now its fully functional. He used wood to design the frame and other parts of the chopper. For the handlebars and exhaust pipes he used cow horn’s. For decoration he used deer antlers.

Its difficult to say if he didn’t have enough money to buy the chopper or he made it just to stand out different than others. But the end product is worth admiring. Although the chopper is a masterpiece, its difficult to say if the suspension is good enough to give a smooth ride. Its seems very surprising to see such wooden chopper running on streets, but the passion and efforts of the builder should be admired. Just after the built of this chopper Istvan got attention of many people.