[VIDEO] A Dead Cat Turned Into Remote Controlled Helicopter

A Dutch artist Bart Jansen turned on to a wild idea of transforming his beloved cat into a remote control helicopter. It all came together after the death of his cat named Orville. First, the cat was stuffed by a taxidermist. Then Jansen took help from a radio-controlled helicopter expert, Arjen Beltman, to transform his stuffed cat into a fully flying helicopter. The machinery used to make the cat fly was a total custom design. After its successful flight, the dead flying cat was named “Orvillecopter”. The unique and amazing idea took the attention of the viewers from around the world, besides some strong criticism from animal right groups. According to Jansen, the motors fitted to fly Orville are not as powerful as he would like. But he promised that he will be upgrading the Orvillecopter with some new powerful motors on its birthday. This will enable his so called pet machine to chase the birds, as Orville loved to do, when it was alive.

Dead Cat Helicopter Video

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