Top 10 Scientific Gifts for Geeks

Science comes with a lot of surprises and amazing stuff. If you remember your 8th standard chemistry class where we all had studied about different types of elements of the periodic table and had studied their properties, all of them have something unique within them. This clearly discriminates that you don’t need a Secret Lab to observe these kinds of geeky phenomena. We have list of top ten affordable scientific gifts that will definitely blow your head.

10. Giant Plush Microbes: 9$

Cute, adorable, fuzzy and if these giant microbes are real, they could have been potentially deadly =P. Yes these are among one of your worst nightmares, all sort of deadly viruses, bacteria and microbes are available in huggable sizes, approximately million times bigger than their original size.

9. Klein Bottle: 35$

If you want to give a mathematician something to envelop their head around, a Klein bottle is a good place to start. A real Klein bottle is an item with no inside and no outside and can only subsist in four dimensions. These glass models subsist in three, which means that dissimilar from the real thing, they can in fact hold liquid.

8. DNA Genotyping: 100$

DNA, known as Deoxyribonucleic acid. There’s not anything more private than someone’s own DNA.  DNA has the codes and secrets to each and every activity, a person commits, his likes, dislikes, intelligence, susceptibility to diseases, food preferences and everything. Just a little bit of spit and you can get genotype analysis, which will demonstrate the insight of you.

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