Apple iCar – A Dream Left Incomplete By Steve Jobs

No one ever wondered that a truly remarkable electronic company like “Apple” would ever think of manufacturing a car! But Apple’s former CEO (Steve Jobs) who was indeed a legend, thought of building one at his time. It was his dream to build such a car that could be called “iCar” and carry an Apple logo on it. No one knew the specs, the designs or any thing about that car. So his dream was buried along with him on his death. People tried to collect the thoughts and ideas of Steve to make a visualization of what he was trying to create. One of the board director of Apple disclosed his dream and stated that Steve was thinking to build a car that could shake the automobile industry. So to promote his idea, an auto designer Liviu Tudoran made something called “iMove” and predicted that such type of cars would be available by 2020. We have got a bundle of pictures of his concept. Take a look at these pictures below

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