iPhone 5 LiquidMetal Concept

We have seen various iPhone 5 concepts on the web and we found some worthy to share and some not even acceptable, but here is something really amazing to show. A new liquid metal concept iPhone 5 is running over the web and we are amazed to see its design and specs. No matter this concept would be real or not, but this is something Apple should really be looking at. The new iPhone 5 presented in this liquid metal concept is almost similar in design to the present iPhone, i.e it also has a rectangular shaped body, but its back is a bit tapered giving it a whole new look. The processor inside it is Quad-core A6 (as expected from rumours) and the screen is 4 inch with virtual home button.

Talking about the size of this beauty, the design says that this will be just 7mm thick (which makes it even thinner than Galaxy S3 ) Moreover the design shows 10 MP rear camera and 5 MP front facing camera, NFC Chip and liquid Metal Casing around the phone.

So overall the concept looks amazing and its more or less the one which Apple should adopt for their future phones, no matter how iPhone 5 turn out to be, but this concept is really a job well done by the artist. Take a look at the pictures below