Futuristic Coffee Machine – Make Coffee Through iPhone

Scanomat TopBrewer is a next generation coffee maker. According to them “Less Is More”, following this theme, they built up a smart coffee machine which is as neat and decent as you would want it to be. Now if you are a coffee lover than i am sure this is a must have machine for you.


It has just one rounded stainless steel coffee tap that can be adjustable to different heights. The coffee tap has two nozzles inside it, off one, liquidized cappuccino comes out and from second the hot milk pours out. Besides this tap there is small decent mug which has all the coffee beans inside it and on requesting coffee, the machine takes it automatically. This all assembly is made more smarter by making it on a smart desk with all touch button features. You can select your desired coffee and than just wait and watch how this ultimate machine makes coffee for you. The smart and glossy designed coffee bar is compatible to work also with iPhone and iPad, so now even while watching your movies, you don’t need to get up and start making coffee, all you do is just give a command to your phone and there you go , your coffee maker starts making hot delicious coffee for you. Watch out the video to check it in action!

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