How to check data storage availability on iPad or iPhone

In iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can check the storage availability and that helps you in various ways. When you want to install or add some applications, save videos or photos, you need memory in your phone. If you are running out of space that means you will not be able to perform these functions. Checking storage availability is very easy to do and it will give you brief idea about usage of space that in what order you have used it. it also includes all other basic information as well. So this is the guide which will tell you that how to check storage availability in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  • First of all, you will go to settings option in your iOS device and then you will select general, tap on it to open.
  • Now you will different options there, tap on about option. At next window, scroll down and tap on available option.
  • This is the option which will tell you status about the storage of iOS device and it includes available memory as well as free memory.