3D Solar Panels More Efficient Than Predecessors

A 3D solar panel was a research project for some MIT students and it was found that this kind of three dimension solar capturing tower proved to be more efficient than the regular solar sheets. It was 2 to 20 times more effective than the normal solar sheets we are using now a days. The design is optimized to catch maximum light at every point of the day, like when the sun is at the top, when it is about to set or even when it is in the clouds. A zigzag pattern is formed to gain the maximum energy as the setting of the solar sheets is on different angles so the time when the sun is throwing its lights on one face the others sides might just rest but when the time sun is down to set, the others are playing their role.

This might be a very advanced and efficient technique to capture maximum energy and according to the fellows who are upto this project they are not thinking just to have it on MIT building but they are also planning to take these items to the public sector.



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