Jumping Robot Optimized For Crossing Walls

Developed by Boston Dynamics this all new jumping robot is a new thing in robot family. The best part is that it is durable, easily controllable and it can jump upto 30 feet. This jumping four wheeled robo skate can be a handy thing for soldiers in combat. Like in case of jumping over the wall who knows the locked door is loaded with a high explosive bomb which will detonate when the soldiers open it! So this little robot can be useful since it crosses the wall upto height of 30 feet and if they plug in a camera at its top, they will be able to check the different places without marine movement. Now there is actually a gas piston that fires against the ground to boost this tiny four wheel robot to 30 feet height. While in the air you wont see any turbulence in the flight of the robot, that actually shows the good engineering layout of it.

So if you are planning to have some real outdoor fun this robot seems a good option for it. Check out the video to see it in action